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UNM will put $100 (federal HEERF funds) in your account when you upload proof of full  COVID-19 vaccination. Go to: 

Vaccination is free.  In New Mexico, register for a free vaccine at

Why get vaccinated? Well, one hundred dollars doesn't hurt. Even better is knowing that you are safe and that you won't transmit COVID-19 to elders and to people in your community who are vulnerable. Valid for UNM students enrolled for Fall 2021. 

Lost your vax card or it doesn't show second shot?  Get NM immunization record here: 


GPSA Initiatives 2021-2022: How We Help

  • Increase the security and accessibility of the GPSA office.
  • Assess GPSA to modernize and improve the functionality and overall structure of the organization.
  • Strategically focus on improving GPSA communications with students and other UNM organizations.
  • Establish a presence on North Campus to promote the services that GPSA provides to all UNM graduate and professional students.
  • Reestablish GPSA’s positioning with the National Association of Graduate and Professional Students (NAGPS).
  • Foster a positive and inclusive culture of graduate and professional students at UNM to boost involvement and school pride.