About GPSA Committees

Committees are the backbone of GPSA. Committees are made up exclusively of students and include ten Executive Committees, a Legislative Committee, the Student Fee Review Board, and over a dozen University Committees. Each committee addresses specific issues related to student life at UNM and works to represent graduate & professional student and issues to UNM and the community. 

The GPSA Standing Committees manage the operations of GPSA. In addition, the GPSA President can create ad-hoc committees to accomplish specific tasks as needed. Ad-hoc committees dissolve at the end of the President’s term. Furthermore, representatives from GPSA sit on more than two dozen University Boards and Committees, bringing graduate & professional student concerns to the attention of the greater university community.

Committee chairs are appointed but must be confirmed by the GPSA Council at the beginning of Fall semester. Joining a committee is a great way to get involved in GPSA, and we are always looking for qualified people to serve on committees.

If you have an idea for a committee or would like to hold a position, please feel free to contact us at gpsa@unm.edu.

Executive Standing Committees


The Elections committee organizes the GPSA General Election to elect the GPSA President and approve any ballot items passed by Council, the President, or Student Body. The committee promotes the General Election, accepts applications for those running for GPSA President & Council Chair, and helps plan and host debates. The Elections committee may also hold special elections as necessary or work with recognized departmental student associations (RDSAs) to plan their elections.

More information on this year's General Election can be found here.


  • Plan and execute GPSA General Election (April)
  • Plan and execute GPSA Special Elections (As Needed)



The Finance Committee organizes the annual GPSA budget and works with the GPSA President, Chief of Staff, and officers to keep a balanced budget. The committee supervises the allocation of GPSA funds to departmental and non-departmental graduate and professional student organizations.The chair and two committee members are selected by the GPSA President. The vice-chair and two committee members are selected by the GPSA Council Chair.

Annual Budget

Appropriation Requests

Pro-rated Benefits (PB) Funds


  • Receive and organize Budget and Appropriation Requests
  • Make Recommendations to Council 
  • Hold Budget workshops (Spring)
  • Manage GPSA Budget
  • Work with SGAO for budget allocations



The Grants Committee organizes and executes the annual GPSA Grant Cycles (Summer, Fall and Spring). Grants supported through GPSA are the Student Research Grant (SRG, up to $500, all cycles), Professional Development Grant (PDG, up to $500, all cycles), and the New Mexico Research Grant (NMRG, up to $3,000 for general priority and up to $5,000 for high priority, offered only during Fall cycle). Furthermore, the GPSA offers the Graduate Scholarship Fund (GSF, up to $1000, all cycles). For additional information regarding individual grants and information regarding open grants, please click here.


  • Administer the annual GPSA grant cycles during the Fall, Spring and Summer semesters
  • Receive and process grant applications 
  • Organize training programs for grant applicants
  • Recruit and train grant readers
  • Score and notify grant recipients 
  • Work with SGAO for grant allocations



The Lobby Committee works with the GPSA President and officers to determine legislative priorities for GPSA on behalf of graduate and professional students at the University of New Mexico. The committee regularly meets with NM legislators and the UNM Governmental Affairs office, as well as the Alumni Association to determine UNM's priorities and coordinate GPSA's lobbying efforts. Currently the Lobby committee is preparing legislation and finding legislative sponsors.


  • Work with UNM Governmental Affairs
  • Work with the GPSA President to identify and plan for GPSA Priorities 
  • Attend the New Mexico legislative session (Spring)
  • Submit legislation on behalf of GPSA to the New Mexico Legislature



Implements programs that serve and facilitate interaction between graduate & professional students at the University of New Mexico and provides service to the University and local community, collaborating with the programming of other student organizations as appropriate. For suggestions on events please contact the Programs Committee Chair. Update on GPSA Events can be found on our home page.


  • Plan graduate and Professional events
  • Enable close working relationship with UNM Community


Student Support & Advocacy:

To enhance and empower the lives of graduate students by providing support and access to information about resources available and contact information for appropriate community and University programs.  To enhance and support both the University of New Mexico and the graduate students we serve by advocating for resources to fund projects or ideas that will directly benefit the student, their program, the University, and the greater community. Student Support & Advocacy advocates for graduate & professional students and identifies campus and community resources for students, maintaining a list of graduate student organizations, services provided, and how each can be reached.


  • Create a Graduate Student Resource Guide
  • Help students with navigating UNM
  • Help identify alternative sources of funding for students across campus


Ad Hoc Committees

Media & Communication:

The purpose of the communication chair and committee is to promote equity, inclusion, and improvement through effective communication strategies and skills, internally and externally, in an effort to help GPSA actualize its goals of providing awareness of educational services, programs and events, grants and scholarships, and advocacy for professional and graduate students at UNM.


  • Create and disseminate promotional materials in print and online, including on social media.
  • Implement strategies for cooperation between GPSA and current or potential partnerships.
  • Assist in promoting GPSA through orientation programs
  • Create and/or update training videos or scripts for incoming GPSA personnel.