Volunteering at GPSA

There are plenty of opportunities for Graduate and Professional students to get involved with GPSA! Our office is largely supported by volunteers and the UNM community. Volunteers help maintain our office space and make visitors feel at home.

Volunteer Opportunities:




  • Click Here for more information about these opportunities


  • Keep the coffee pot full and running
  • Keep the tea rack and condiments baskets stocked
  • Greet visitors and answer their queries to the best of your ability or locate someone who has more information
  • Answer phone calls and connect them to the intended party
  • Replace office supplies as needed
  • Update the notice boards
  • Stock pamphlets and business cards


  • Represent GPSA in various departmental/organizational meetings
  • Participate in Graduate orientations
  • Encourage students to volunteer with us and hand out pamphlets

Time Commitment:

Volunteers are required to schedule 3 hours at the GPSA office every week. Schedules are based on your availability.


  • Volunteers may have after-hours access to the office after the first month
  • You will have limited free printing every semester
  • You can use the office refrigerator and the microwave
  • You may use the lockers available in the office to store your belongings

If you are interested in becoming a GPSA volunteer, please email us at gpsaoff@unm.edu or call 505-277-3803.

You may also drop by the office and speak with our staff.