About GPSA

Our Mission

The Graduate and Professional Student Association has been the recognized student government for graduates and professionals at the University of New Mexico since 1969. We strive to identify, promote, and support the interests and concerns that are important to the welfare and academic development of graduate and professional students at UNM. It is our mission to promote the rights, interests and professional development of graduate and professional students within the university community; through advocacy, education, and financial support.


GPSA is organized into 3 branches: Executive, Legislative, and Judicial. Together, these branches oversee the day-to-day operations of GPSA.





Some of the ways the GPSA stays involved on campus, in state and national politics include:

  1. Offering numerous grant funding opportunities to graduate and professional students for research, travel, and presentation of their work at conferences.
  2. Offering funding to student organizations through appropriations.
  3. Representing graduate and professional students on numerous University and Faculty Senate committees and before the Board of Regents.
  4. Representing the interests of graduate and professional students on the  Student Fee Review Board (SFRB).
  5. Providing students with the opportunity to represent their departments on the  GPSA Council.
  6. Sending GPSA representatives to the New Mexico State Legislature to lobby for graduate and professional students' interests via Capital Outlay Projects.
  7. Networking with the  National Association of Graduate and Professional Students (NAGPS) and the NAGPS Western Region.
  8. Providing a computer lab located in our office, SUB 1021.