Council Representatives

UNM departments select their own Council Representatives. GPSA Council Representatives must attend monthly meetings, normally held the last Saturday of each month. In addition to updating their departments on GPSA functions, deadlines and news, GPSA Council Representatives act as the voice of their departments on the GPSA Council. Contact your department’s representative(s) to let them know of any concerns you wish to be brought before the GPSA Council.

As per the GPSA Constitution (Article III, Section 1, A.2) for every 100 enrolled students (or portion of 100) each department or school is entitled to one Representative. Below are the current fall 2020 enrollment numbers and the number of Representatives each RDSA is entitled to have on Council.


Recognized Departmental Student Association (RDSA)Department# of Reps.
American Studies Graduate Student AssociationAmerican Studies - AMST1
Anthropology Graduate Student UnionAnthropology - ANTH1
Assn. of Geoscience Graduate Students (AGGS) Earth and Planetary Sciences - EPS1
Assn. of Grad Students in Music (PB Funds)MUS, MUSP, XMUS1
Assn. of Graduate Business Students College - MG, Student Level GR7
Biology Graduate Student AssociationBiology - BIOL2
Biomedical Sciences Graduate Student SocietyBiomedical Sciences - BIOM, CTS1
Chemical And Biological Engineering GSAChemical and Biological Engineering - CHE1
Chemistry  Graduate Student OrganizationChemistry - CHEM1
Civil Engineering GSACivil Engineering - CE, XCMG1
College of Education Graduate Student Leadership AllianceEducation - ABA, COED, COUN, EDAG, EDPY, ELED, ELNG, FCST, FS, HED, LEAD, LLSS, MCTC, NUTR, PE, PESE, SED, SPCD, TESL, TLTE8
College of Pharmacy Student Pharmacist CouncilPharmacy - Pharmaceutical Sciences - PHRS (Grad Prog)3
Communication & Journalism Grad & Professional Assoc.Communication - COM1
Computer Science GSAComputer Science - CS2
Council of Allied Discipline-School of Architecture Architecture - ARCH, CRP, HPR, LA, URBI2
Economics GSAEconomics - ECON1
Electrical Engineering & Computing Engineering-GSAElectrical Engineering - CPE, EE, XCPE, XEE,2
English GSAEnglish - CRWR, ENG1
Foreign Languages & Literatures GSAForeign Languages - CLCS, FREN, FRST, GERS1
Geography Geography - GEOG, GESP1
Graduate Art Assn.Art - ARTE, ARTH, ARTS1
Graduate Association of Students in Psychology Psychology - PSY1
Graduate Student Nurses NUR, NURS2
High Desert Linguistics SocietyLinguistics - LING1
History GSAHistory - HIST1
Institute of Nuclear Materials Mgmt.NE1
Math & Statistics - Graduate Students inMATH,  STAT1
Mechanical Engineering GAME, XME1
Medical School AssociationMedicine - (Academic Period - MD & PHARMD)5
Nanoscience & Microsystems Engineering GSANSME, NSMS1
Organization, Information, and Learning Sciences OLIS, OLIT, MA-XOIL2
Physician Assistant Student SocietyPhysician Assistant - PAST1
Physics and Astronomy GSAPhysics - OPEN, PHYC2
Political Science GSAPolitical Science - POLS1
Public Administration GSAPublic Policy - HLAD, PADM, PUPO2
Public Health Student Assn. PH1
Sociology GSASociology - SOC1
SOLAS - Student Org for Latin American StudiesLatin American Studies - LTAM1
Spanish & Portuguese GSAPORT, SPAN, SPPR1
Speech and Hearing Sciences GSASpeech and Language Path - SPLP1
Student Bar Assn. Law (Student College - LW)3
Student Occupational Therapy Assn. (SOTA)Occupational Therapy - OCTH1