Asked & Answered

Students enrolled in a degree-seeking graduate program at UNM are required to pay a student fee to GPSA. This fee goes to funding UNM programs and organizations and is allocated annually by the Student Fee Review Board. Students who do not pay this fee are not eligible to apply for scholarships or grants through GPSA.

Yes. You are eligible to apply for SRG, PDG and NMRG (if being offered in the semester) if you meet the respective grant’s requirement. However, you are not eligible to apply for the Graduate Scholarship Fund (GSF) if you are in your first semester.

The Student Research Grant (SRG), Professional Development Grant (PDG) and Graduate Scholarship Fund (GSF) are offered in every semester i.e. Fall, Spring and Summer. However, the New Mexico Research Grant (NMRG High Priority and General Priority) are offered only in the Fall Semester.
Yes, you can apply multiple grants in the same grant cycle, but each grant requires a separate application i.e. Statement of Proposal, Budget sheet and Letter of Recommendation (if required).
Yes, you can. The funds which are sought for the event or activity must be utilized within the next, current or previous funding period.