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Student Union Building

Phone: (505) 277-3803

PB Funds

Pro-Rated Benefit (PB) Funds are available each semester to every recognized departmental student association (RDSA) that has chartered with the Student Activities Center. PB Funds are awarded based on the number of students enrolled in your department. For enrolled graduate students, your RDSA is eligible for a percentage of their GPSA fee. The more students you have in your department the more PB Funds you are eligible to receive.


Requesting PB Funds 

PB Funds requests can be submitted at the start of fall and spring semester, as soon as the Official Enrollment Report is published. Requests must be received by March 9, 2018 in order to be processed for the current fiscal year.

  1. Charter your organization with the Student Activities Center, Room 1018, in the Student Union Building. Your RDSA’s charter must be renewed each year. Generally organizations do this at the beginning of fall semester. Only officers listed on an RDSA charter can request PB funds. Make sure to keep your department up to date! Contact the SAC (277-4706) for questions regarding your RDSA’s charter.
  2. Attend at least 1 SGAO PB Fund workshop during August/September. If there are no longer PB Fund workshops offered, you must schedule and attend a meeting with the SGAO Accountant (sgao@unm.edu) or the GPSA Executive Finance Committee Chair (gpsafin@unm.edu).
  3. Email the following information to sgao@unm.edu to submit your application. Other comments may be included at your discretion.
    • Organization name,
    • SINGLE academic department,
    • Contact information of an officer in the organization,
    • SGAO Account Number,
    • The estimated number of students enrolled in your department
  4. Your request will be checked against the Official Enrollment Report from the Registrar’s Office and then processed.

Collecting PB Funds

Once your enrollment numbers are confirmed in Student Government Accounting, it takes about two weeks to transfer the funds to your department’s account. Allocations submitted will be processed as they are received and only after enrollment statistics are made available from the Registrar’s office through the Official Enrollment Report. Inquiries may be directed to SGAO or GPSA for more information.

Reversion of PB Funds

PB Funds must be requested by the eighth Friday of the fall and spring semesters respectively, if not, funds shall automatically revert to the GPSA General Fund. At the end of the fiscal year, an RDSA may keep up to 50% of funds allocated during the academic year. The remainder shall be reverted to the GPSA general fund. However, an RDSA’s remaining balance can never be reduced below $500 as a result of the reversion. This reversion shall never include the RDSA’s self-generated funds.