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GPSA Funding

Update: The RPT grant offered by OGS is NOT being offered by GPSA. Instead, monies that were disbursed through the RPT in past years have been incorporated into GPSA's existing grants. This money will allow us to offer many more awards this year than we have been able to fund in the past.

GPSA offers several types of funding for students and organizations on campus. 

Funding for graduate students

Update: The results for Fall 2019 Grants cycle were released on Tuesday, October 29th, 2019.

Student Research Grant (SRG): May fund travel and lodging to conduct research in the field (includes artistic projects like photography or dance), the cost of research materials, and/or travel/lodging and conference fees for conferences at which the applicant is making a presentation. Up to $500.

Professional Development Grant (PDG): May fund travel/lodging and fees for job interviews, auditions, clinicals, mock trials, unpaid internships, conferences at which the applicant is not making a presentation, and other professional development travel or related expenses. May not fund expenses eligible for the SRG. Up to $500.

New Mexico Research Grant (NMRG): May fund travel, lodging, supplies, and other costs related to field research. For larger or longer-term projects than the SRG. Projects with a New Mexico state agency, nonprofit or community organization require a letter of recommendation from a representative of the organization, and are eligible for up to $5000 (High Priority). Other research projects are eligible for up to $3000 (General Priority).

Graduate Scholarship Fund (GSF): Every Fall, Spring, and Summer semester, GPSA awards $1000 scholarships to students through the Graduate Scholarship Fund. This fund was created to help students afford to complete their graduate or professional degree.  Graduate and professional students in good standing in a UNM graduate or professional degree program are eligible for the scholarship. 

Student Research Grant scores

Professional Development Grant scores

New Mexico Research Grant (General Priority) scores

New Mexico Research Grant (High Priority) scores


Funding for Student Organizations

Annual Budgets: Chartered student organizations that do not directly receive PB Funds are eligible to receive funds through the GPSA annual budget process. Annual budgets are intended for operational expenses and reoccurring costs.

Appropriations: Chartered student organizations are eligible for funding appropriations from GPSA. Appropriation funding is primarily intended for capital expenditures, one-time event funding, and unforeseen expenditures.

Pro-rated Benefits (PB): are available each semester to every recognized departmental student association (RDSA) that has chartered with the Student Activities Center. PB Funds are awarded based on the number of students enrolled in your department. For enrolled graduate students, your RDSA is eligible for a percentage of their GPSA fee.  The more students you have in your department the more PB Funds you are eligible to receive.

  • RDSAs requesting PB Funds are not eligible to participate in the GPSA budget process.
  • Funding allocations must comply with University policy and GPSA laws and Standing Rules.

Other Funding at UNM

For more funding opportunities, please check out the Graduate Resource Center's comprehensive funding sources page.