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Chief Justice

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A. Determine questions of constitutionality and adherence to GPSA law as a result of official complaints

B. Create a written record of all decisions and actions of the court to be maintained in the GPSA Office.

C. Create an annual written report of the court to be included in the annual GPSA report.

D. The court may, at its discretion, decline to hear cases that it deems are not appropriate under the Bylaws.

E. Justices shall neither initiate nor consider communications from only one part of a pending or impending proceeding.

F. Each Justice is charged with the duty of carefully reading and analyzing the pertinent submitted material on each case in which he or she participates.

G. Justices shall abstain from public comment about a pending proceeding in the Court. This does not prohibit Justices from making public statements in the course of their official duties or from explaining for public information the procedures of the Court.

H. Justices of the Court shall dispose promptly of the business of the Court.

I. Each Justice of the Court shall take or initiate appropriate disciplinary measures against any other Justice for unprofessional conduct of which they become aware.

J. All official decisions and opinions of the Court shall be made in writing, made available to GPSA officers, Representatives, and members, as well as the public upon request. Written opinions must become part of the official Court Record and shall be made available to the Page 27 of 58 President, Council Chair, Council Representatives, and upon request to GPSA members and the public.

K. Other duties as assigned by the GPSA Constitution