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The Grants Committee organizes and executes the annual GPSA Grant Cycles (Fall, Spring, & Summer). Grants supported through GPSA are the Student Research Grant (SRG, $500, all cycles), Professional Development Grant (PDG, $500, all cycles), and the New Mexico Research Grant (NMRG, $3,000-$5,000, Fall). Furthermore, the GPSA offers the Graduate Scholarship Fund (GSF, $1000, all cycles). For additional information regarding individual grants and information regarding open grants, please click here .  

Normalized Scores and Rankings: Spring 2019

SRG         GSF        PDG


  • Administer the annual GPSA grant cycles during the Fall, Spring and Summer semesters
  • Receive and process grant applications 
  • Organize training programs for grant applicants
  • Recruit and train grant readers
  • Score and notify grant recipients 
  • Work with SGAO for grant allocations

Committee Members

Chair(s): Urusha Thapa (gpsafunding@unm.edu)

Co-Chair: Nao Fukami

Members: Gregor Hamilton, Humayra Tasnim, Melissa Henry

Questions? Email the Grant Committee Chair at gpsafunding@unm.edu