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The Elections committee organizes the GPSA General Election to elect the GPSA President and approve any ballot items passed by Council, the President, or Student Body. The committee promotes the General Election, accepts applications for those running for GPSA President & Council Chair, and helps plan and host debates. The Elections committee may also hold special elections as necessary or work with recognized departmental student associations (RDSAs) to plan their elections. 


  • Plan and execute GPSA General Election (April)
  • Plan and execute GPSA Special Elections (As Needed) 

2018 GPSA Candidate Forms

Committee Members

Chair: Gregor Hamilton  (votegpsa@unm.edu)

Jaimie Stephens
Benjamin Morrison
William Jacob Divett
Tim Ohlert
Andress Maia
Lozen Haozous

Agendas & Minutes


Date and Time Location Notice Agenda Minutes
Friday, November 16, 2018, 1 p.m. GPSA Ofc Notice 11/16 11/16 Agenda