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The Elections committee organizes the GPSA General Election to elect the GPSA President and approve any ballot items passed by Council, the President, or Student Body. The committee promotes the General Election, accepts applications for those running for GPSA President & Council Chair, and helps plan and host debates. The Elections committee may also hold special elections as necessary or work with recognized departmental student associations (RDSAs) to plan their elections. 


  • Plan and execute GPSA General Election (April)
  • Plan and execute GPSA Special Elections (As Needed) 

Spring 2020 GPSA Presidential Candidates


Andrea "Dre" Abeita

Andrea “Dre” Abeita (doctoral candidate, University of New Mexico). Dre, a second-generation Lobo, is a seventh-year Ph.D. candidate in the Language, Literacy, and Sociocultural Studies Department (LLSS). She holds a B.A. (Dartmouth College) and an M.A. in LLSS. She is a Native American (Isleta), bisexual, trauma survivor and PTSD-diagnosed activist/researcher/educator.  Dre’s work as a critical race theory, whiteness, and intersectional scholar combined with a decade of community/event organizing, 3+ years leading three graduate student organizations (UNM), and 13+ leadership roles (abeitaconsulting.com) have prepared her to lead UNM. Her life is dedicated to transforming our world. With your help, we will.


Naguru "Nikhil" Reddy

Nikhil Reddy is an international student who started his journey with GPSA the semester he arrived here. He started as a volunteer and as a council representative at our GPSA office and council respectively. He served GPSA on various levels including member on Grants Appeals Committee, NMRG committee and Chair of Legislative Steering Committee. He is currently heading our legislative branch as Council Chair. He wants to make GPSA to represent every one of us and is proposing new ideas to bridge the gap between our campuses and also wants to work for eliminating the threat of increase in differential tuition.

The GPSA Presidential Election will place April 13 - April 16 via the regular email ballot.


Spring 2020 GPSA Council Chair Candidate


Raby Sylla

Raby Sylla is a master student at Anderson School of Management, studying accounting. She serves as the Finance Chair for GPSA. This role places her in a unique position to learn the value of accountability and working as a team. In the position as Council Chair, she will do her utmost to prioritize the well-being of the collective through transparency and ensuring everyone feels heard.


The GPSA Council Chair Election will place April 18th at the GPSA Council Meeting.  Only Credentialed GPSA Council Members will be allowed to vote.

Committee Members

Chair: Aaron Cowan  (votegpsa@unm.edu)