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MSC03 2210
1 University of New Mexico
Albuquerque, NM 87131

Physical Location:
Student Union Building

Phone: (505) 277-3803


Glenda Lewis

PresidentGlenda Lewis (gpsapres@unm.edu)

College of Education

Glenda Lewis is a PhD Candidate in Language, Literacy, and Sociocultural Studies. An educator, Glenda has dedicated her life to teaching, sharing knowledge and empowering others. Hailing from Clovis, New Mexico, Glenda well understands the importance of giving back to one's community. In serving as GPSA President, Glenda envisions increasing cross-campus engagement, while expanding promotion of the academic activities and achievements in which graduate and professional students are involved. A compassionate intellectual, Glenda possesses the vision, passion and leadership style required to build community capacity and consensus. 


Council Chair - Zoila Y. Alvarez (gpsacouncil@unm.edu)

School of Law 

Zoila Alvarez is a 2L student at UNM School of Law. Zoila earned a Master's in Language, Literacy, & Sociocultural Studies from the UNM College of Education where she served as COE-GPSA President in 2014-2015. She also served as a voting member of the GPSA Council and GPSA Legislative Steering Committee. In 2015, Zoila received the GPSA Presidents Award for Innovative Leadership for her service to students. Currently, she works part-time as a Senior Research Fellow at the UNM Center for Education Policy Research and volunteers for the Marshall-Brennan Project educating Albuquerque high school youth on Constitutional Literacy. Zoila hopes to practice law around children's issues, education law, immigration law, health law, and/or labor/employment law. When Zoila is not at the UNM Campus she is either traveling or at home hanging out with her dog Avery and partner Jorge.


Mark NarvaezChief of Staff - Mark Narvaez (gpsacos@unm.edu)

College of Education

Mark is a first year Masters in Counseling student in the College of Education Counselor Education Program. Born and raised in El Paso, Texas, Mark attended Stanford University , where he received a B.A. in Psychology with Honors in 1976. Shortly after, Mark began an over 38 year career in the fields of aging, gerontology, geriatrics and human services, across governmental, non-profit and private sector settings, and including work with the Rio Grande Council of Governments, AARP and the New Mexico Alzheimer's Association. Mark relocated to New Mexico from Austin, Texas, in 2009, in pursuing his long-time affinity with the enchanted state, and to be closer to family. When not swimming in readings, postings and papers, Mark's avocations include guitar-playing, creative writing, hot yoga and running, having completed 9 marathons. His favorite running adage is, "The race does not always go to the swiftest, but to he who keeps on running".

Elections Chair  -  (votegpsa@unm.edu)


Finance Chair - (gpsafin@unm.edu)

Anderson Schools of Management

isaacIsaac is completing a Masters in Accounting. He holds a B.S in Economics and an MBA in Finance.  In the past, he worked as Control & Compliance officer as well as Risk Assets Manager in a Commercial Bank. He plans to go ahead and get a Ph.D. in developmental Economics after completing the Masters. Isaac is a great fan of European football, he supports Arsenal.

SureshGrants Chair - Suresh Kumar Appana (gpsafunding@unm.edu)

Anderson Schools of Management

Suresh is a first year Masters student in the Anderson School of Management, with a concentration in Information Systems and Assurance. Suresh received his B.S. from Andhra University in India. Following undergraduate study, Suresh was employed as a software engineer for three years with India's leading IT Company, TCS, where he developed extensive experience and skill in management and technology. Suresh prides himself on being a well-rounded person, living with passion, dedication, and grace. When not glued to his computer screen, Suresh enjoys working out, watching films, playing volleyball, and hanging out with friends. 

Lobby Chair - (gpsalobb@unm.edu)


EdriaStudent Support & Advocacy Chair - Edria D. Mitchem (gpsasupport@unm.edu)

Deputy Chief of Staff - Edria D. Mitchem (gpsaproj@unm.edu)  

College of Education

An alumnus of UNM, B.A. 2015 and a current Masters Candidate in Health, Exercise, Sports Sciences (HESS), Edria served on President Frank’s student cabinet at UNM as an undergrad.  She also served as the HESS Representative for the College of Education – Graduate Student Leadership Alliance (COE-GSLA), and now serves as the Deputy Chief of Staff and the Student Support and Advocacy Chair for the Graduate & Professional Student Alliance (GPSA) at UNM.

Currently pursuing her M.A. in Physical Education with a concentration in Sports Administration, she is extremely interested in expanding her research on what she calls the 3 D’s of sport psychology. The main focus of her research concentrates on “Utilizing Sport Psychology in the Organizational Culture of Organized Athletics in order to Detect, Deter, and Deflect Sexual Aggression in Male Athletes”.  After completing her M.A., Edria plans to go on and get a Ph.D. in Counseling Psychology with an emphasis in Sport Psychology.

As a former private investigator, she developed a love for travel, live music, the arts and fine dining. Outside of school her relationships with her parents and her 3 year old little cousin help to keep her candle burning at both ends and sometime in the near future she hopes to adopt a child of her own.

“Some people want it to happen, some wish it would happen, others make it happen.” – Michael Jordan


Programs Chair- Bich-Hanh Thi Nguyen  (gpsaprog@unm.edu)

College of Education

Hanh volunteers with many entities within the University of New Mexico such as the UNM's Secretary Office, UNM Alumni Association Greater Albuquerque Chapter, UNM Parent Association just to name a few. She is a graduate student in the College of Education. Hanh enjoys playing Sudoku, at least two different games a day: a Sudoku game a day keeps the doctor away.


ACGraduate Health Co-Chair - Alexandra Cervantes  (gpsahealth@unm.edu)

School of Medicine

Alex Cervantes is a first year medical student who previously attended the University of New Mexico where she graduated with a double degree in Biology and Psychology with Honors. She has always been actively involved on campus through various organizations, volunteering, and student council as she was previously Vice-President for the Associated Students of the University of New Mexico. She hopes to continue this level of involvement and giving back as she steps into this position focused on the health of our graduate student populations. She is a concert enthusiast, an ice cream connoisseur, and huge football fan. She says that friendly hellos and waves on campus will always be reciprocated so feel free to stop her. Healthy NFL debates are also encouraged!


Legislative Steering Committee Chair- Cameron Goble  (gpsalsc@unm.edu)



Chief Justice - Taylor Smith

School of Law

Taylor Smith is a third-year law student. He currently works at the New Mexico Court of Appeals. Taylor plans on pursuing constitutional law and civil rights litigation after graduation. 


Associate Justice


SabinaOffice Manager - Sabina Rai  (gpsaoff@unm.edu)

School of Engineering

Sabina is currently pursuing an M.Sc. in Computer Science. She has worked as an ESL teacher as well as a MATCH NM mentor. She volunteered at a local non-profit in Santa Fe for two years where she picked up an appreciation for the local art scene. In her spare time, she likes reading fiction, binging on t.v. shows, blogging, or rock-climbing.