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MSC03 2210
1 University of New Mexico
Albuquerque, NM 87131

Physical Location:
Student Union Building

Phone: (505) 277-3803




Texanna Martin - School of Public Administration

Texanna is currently enrolled in the MPA program in the School of Public Administration. Aside from being passionate about student representation, she enjoys spending quality time with her son Spencer.


Council Chair
Jessica Marshall - School of Law

Jessica is currently enrolled in the JD program and served as our Steering Committee Chair during the last academic year. She loves all things law and enjoys relaxing days to unwind from her super busy schedule.


Chief of Staff
Wayne Thorpe - Anderson School of Management

Wayne is a Fulbright Scholar from Jamaica pursuing his MBA in Operations and Marketing. When he's not giving back to community, he enjoys hanging out with his 'International and American posse', and experiencing as many cultures as possible.


Executive Standing Committee Chairs


Finance Chair
Hilary Wainwright - College of Arts & Sciences

Hilary is currently pursuing an MA in Rhetoric and Writing.  She enjoys the challenge that learning offers both as a UNM student and UNM Bookstore employee.  Escaping town for weekends in the sun or snow and spending time with family and friends are some of her favorite ways to unwind.

Grants Co-Chair
Joseph Raborn - Anderson School of Management

Joe is an MBA student pursuing a concentration in Policy & Planning/Non-Profit management. He is interested in spreading awareness of local, grassroots non-profit organizations, using crowdsourcing to fund important, or at least cool, community projects, and advocating for better and more transparent disclosure policies so that consumers may make better purchasing decisions. He plays a lot of guitar, reads, watches TED talks and occasionally does a little homework.


Grants Co-Chair
James Foty - School of Architecture & Planning

James is a 3rd year student in the Community and Regional Planning program who enjoys anything having to do with cities. Once upon a time, he wanted to change the world, but has since given up on that. Now he spends most of the day in his hammock, listening to reggae and reading trashy teen fiction.


Lobby Chair
Taylor Smith - School of Law

Taylor is a first year law student. He is interested in learning about public interest law and enjoys sports; like skydiving, skateboarding, and running. 

Elections Chair
Moses Allen - College of Education

Born at a very young age. Moses came to UNM to pursue a doctorate in Educational Linguistics. He is an avid world traveler, life enthusiast, lifelong learner, and recommended by 4 out of 5 people that recommend things. A strong believer in community, he is heavily involved in College of Education’s graduate student community. He invites others to help build the student community they want to experience for grad school here at UNM. So get out and vote, and let’s change UNM for the better!

Student Support & Advocacy Chair
Joseph Bryant - School of Public Administration

Joe is an OEF/OIF veteran of the US Navy. He holds an undergraduate degree in Political Science from UNM and is currently pursuing a Masters in Public Administration. He is grateful for the opportunity to help other graduate students further themselves personally and professionally.


Programs Chair
Anand Tomar - Anderson School of Management

Anand is an international student from India pursuing an MBA. He is an Ex-IBMer and has lived in several other countries before he moved to the US last year. He is greatly involved in his community holding the position of President of the Indian Students Association at UNM. An environmental enthusiast, he likes to live close to nature. He also likes to travel and loves reading books in his leisure time.

Executive Ad-Hoc Committee Chairs


Graduate Health Chair
Alaa Elmaoued - School of Medicine

Alaa is currently an MD candidate. When not studying or nerding out in science, he enjoys reading topics in history and trying to understand its convoluted impact on our contemporary world. Afterwards, he enjoys nerding out in long discussions on culture, anthropology, and genetics while cooking with friends. If he could be anywhere in the world, it would be up in a tree somewhere in the mountains.


Professional Development Chair
Andrew Belzer - College of Arts & Sciences

Andrew is a second year graduate student pursuing an MA in Hispanic Literature.


Legislative Committees


Legislative Steering Committee Chair
Amber Dukes - College of Arts & Sciences

Amber is a 4th year Health Psychology PhD student concurrently earning a Masters in Public Health. She is passionate about issues that impact the UNM community and making UNM a better place for everyone. She was recently awarded a place at the table for the Futures Without Violence campus leadership fellowship. Originally from Orlando, FL, she loves being here in Albuquerque



Chief Justice
Daniel Gray - School of Public Administration


Associate Justice

Office Staff


Office Manager
Stephanie Everett - College of Education

Stephanie is an MA candidate in Secondary Education - Language Arts.  When she isn't keeping the office staff on their toes, Stephanie likes watching hockey and destroying unwitting foes playing video games


Deputy Chief of Staff
Valentine Fisher - School of Architecture & Planning

Valentine is originally from the great state of New York and grew up in the rolling Catskill Mountains. He is a dual masters candidate in the Community & Regional Planning and Public Administration programs at the University of New Mexico. He holds a B.S. in Sustainable Development with an emphasis in Sustainable Agriculture from Appalachian State University.